What is the Major Organic Product for This Reaction?

This blog post covers the major organic product for the given reaction. Be sure to check it out if you’re curious about what the outcome will be!

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In organic chemistry, there are many different types of reactions that can occur. The type of reaction that occurs will dictate the products that are formed. One of the key things that chemists must be able to do is determine what the major product of a reaction will be. To do this, they must understand Reactivity Principles.

What is the Major Product for This Reaction?

In order to determine the major product for this reaction, we must first understand what organic products are being produced. In this reaction, the bicyclic molecule ring is being opened and two new organic molecules are being formed. The two new organic molecules are called an alcohol and a ketone. The major product is the alcohol because it has the higher yield.

How to Draw the Major Product for This Reaction

In organic chemistry, the major product is the most thermodynamically stable product that can be formed from a given set of reactants under specified conditions. The major product is usually not the only product that can be formed, but it is the product that is most likely to be formed in significant yield.


In conclusion, the major organic product for this reaction is 3-ethyl-2-methylpentane.

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