24 Mantra Organic Products You Need in Your Life

Looking to switch to organic products? Here are 24 Mantra organic products you need in your life! From food to beauty products, we’ve got you covered.

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Organic products are those produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, or other artificial agents. The term “organic” can refer to both food and non-food items. The organic movement began in the early 20th century in response to the detrimental effects of industrial agriculture on the environment and human health. Today, organic products are widely available and are often seen as a healthier option than their conventional counterparts.

There are many reasons why you might want to choose organic products. Perhaps you’re concerned about the potential health risks of consuming synthetic chemicals or you want to support sustainable farming practices. Maybe you simply prefer the taste of organic food. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of delicious and healthy organic products to choose from. Here are 24 of our favorites.

Kitchen Staples

When it comes to stocking your kitchen with healthy, sustainable, and delicious ingredients, look no further than 24 Mantra Organic. From spices and seasonings to grains, flours, and beans, they have everything you need to cook up a nutritious and flavourful meal. Here are some of their products that you need in your life:

-Organic Whole Wheat Flour: Perfect for baking breads, cookies, cakes, and more!
-Organic Basmati Rice: A long grain rice that is light and fluffy. It’s perfect for curries, pilafs, and salads.
-Organic Quinoa: A nutrient-rich grain that is high in protein and fiber. It’s great for making veggie burgers, bowls, salads, and more.
-Organic spices: 24 Mantra Organic has a wide variety of spices to choose from, all of which are certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified.
-Organic membership: If you’re looking for even more ways to save on organic groceries, check out their organic membership program. You’ll get access to exclusive deals and discounts on their products.

Breakfast Foods

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious way to start your day, look no further than 24 Mantra Organic’s Breakfast Foods! From whole wheat flakes to oatmeal, we’ve got everything you need to fuel up and start your day off right.

24 Mantra Organic Whole Wheat Flakes: These flakes are made with 100% whole wheat and are a good source of fiber. They’re perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast!

24 Mantra Organic Oatmeal: Our oatmeal is made with 100% organic oats and is a great source of fiber. It’s perfect for a hearty breakfast or snack!

24 Mantra Organic Pancake Mix: Our pancake mix is made with 100% organic ingredients and is perfect for a delicious and nutritious breakfast!

24 Mantra Organic Maple Syrup: Our maple syrup is made with 100% pure maple syrup and is perfect for topping pancakes, waffles, or oatmeal.

Lunchtime Essentials

We all know that feeling when midday hunger hits and we’re just not sure what to eat. You’re in luck, though – we’ve rounded up some of the best organic products from 24 Mantra that are perfect for a healthy and delicious lunch.

Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy organic soup or some tasty organic rice to add to your meal, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top picks below.

-Organic Tomato Soup: This delicious soup is made with organic tomatoes, onions, and garlic. It’s perfect for a quick and easy lunchtime meal.
-Organic Brown Basmati Rice: This long grain rice is perfect for adding to your favorite stir fry or veggie dish. It’s also great as a side dish or on its own.
-Organic Quinoa: This high-protein grain is perfect for adding to your lunchtime salad or veggie wrap. It’s also a great option for a quick and healthy snack.
-Organic Chickpeas: These versatile legumes are perfect for adding to your lunchtime soup or salad. They’re also great as a stand-alone snack.


1. Roasted Chickpeas: These lightly roasted chickpeas are the perfect snack for when you’re on the go. They’re high in protein and fiber, and they have a deliciously addictive crunch.

2. Spicy Lentil Crackers: These crackers are made with lentils, spices, and rice flour, so they’re hearty and nutritious. They’re also gluten-free, making them a great snack for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

3. Cauliflower Puffs: These puffs are made with cauliflower, chickpea flour, and spices. They’re light and airy, and they have a dangerously addictive cheesy flavor.

4. Banana Chips: These banana chips are a healthier alternative to traditional potato chips. They’re made with real bananas that are dried and then fried in coconut oil.

5. Coconut Chips: These coconut chips are crispy and sweet. They make a great topping for yogurt or oatmeal, or they can be enjoyed on their own as a satisfying snack.

Dinner Supplies

From pasta and sauce to grains and beans, 24 Mantra has all the organic ingredients you need to make a healthy, delicious dinner.

One of the great things about cooking with organic ingredients is that you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product possible. 24 Mantra only sources the best organic ingredients from farmers who share their commitment to sustainability.

Here are some of the dinner supplies you can find from 24 Mantra:

-Organic pasta: Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes, including spaghetti, fusilli, penne, and more.
-Organic tomato sauce: A staple for any pasta dish, this tomato sauce is made with fresh, organic tomatoes.
-Organic grains: Quinoa, rice, barley, and more – perfect for making a healthy grain bowl or side dish.
-Organic beans: A delicious source of protein and fiber, these beans can be used in a variety of dishes.
-Organic spices: Add some flavor to your meal with these organic spices and herbs.


Who doesn’t love dessert? 24 Mantra offers a variety of delicious, organic desserts that are sure to please any sweet tooth. From cookies and cakes to ice cream and pudding, we’ve got something for everyone.

Our desserts are made with only the finest ingredients, including organic flour, sugar, butter, and eggs. And because we believe in using only the best ingredients, our desserts are also free of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

So what are you waiting for? Indulge your sweet tooth with one of our delicious organic desserts today!


There are a wide variety of organic drinks available on the market today. Here are just a few of the 24 Mantra organic products that you might want to add to your shopping list:

-Organic green tea: This refreshing and healthy tea is perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to coffee. It is also rich in antioxidants and has been shown to boost immunity.

-Organic fruit juices: These juices are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. They are also a refreshing and tasty way to hydrate your body.

-Organic coconut water: This natural beverage is packed with electrolytes and is a great way to rehydrate after a workout or during hot weather.

-Organic soy milk: This dairy-free milk is a great alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan. It is also rich in protein and calcium.

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