Root Cause


Sustainable consumerism isn’t just about shopping at the neighborhood tailgate market. It involves every part of our lives. Including buying furnishings made from locally-grown wood. Root Cause is a regional initiative to raise awareness of the local forest products industry among responsible consumers.

We live and work in the birthplace of Forest Conservation in the United States. Our forests give us life, shelter, and beauty; in turn, they should be protected and managed with thoughtful planning and the careful fostering of our valuable native tree species.

For conservation-minded landowners, preservation means utilizing their land without developing it. Increasing the demand for local forest products takes advantage of their natural assets, and starts a chain reaction of increased jobs for forestry consultants, logging teams, saw mill operators, manufacturers, craftspeople, retail sellers, and more. Root Cause is about supporting: 1. the local landowners that use their forests wisely – preserving their acreage, nature’s ecosystems, and our mountain views; and 2. all the people that may follow that tree from its growth to the making of something both beautiful and practical.

The need to utilize the many skills and products that we make in our backyard is greater than ever. Ever-rising fuel prices add dollars to everything that is made, and the environmental and societal costs of selling and shipping our locally harvested trees to overseas companies to be turned into wood furnishings that are turned around and sold back to us are unnecessary burdens. Buying local keeps money in Western North Carolina and is the truest way to create and sustain jobs for an improved, more sustainable economy.

Ultimately the Root Cause initiative is about linking everyone in the region from the landowner to the forest to the sawmill to the craftsperson. This directory is a start at representing the local forest products industries in our region. If you would like to be a part of the directory or know someone who should email Lang Hornthal. 

Forest Management / Consultants
Doubletree Farms’ Community Forestry Project
Forest Guild
Forest Stewardship Council
Longleaf Alliance
National Network of Forest Practitioners
North Carolina Forest Service
Richard Sanders, LLC
The Southern Forest Network
USA Local Woods

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
Appalachian Voices 
Cradle of Forestry 
Dogwood Alliance
Dovetail Partners, Inc.
Forest Stewards  
Forests & Communities: Western NC Alliance 
Land-Of-Sky Regional Council
Mountain Valleys Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Area Council  
NC Mountain Mushroom Cooperative 
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission  
Organic Growers School  
The Land Trust Alliance
The North Carolina Arboretum
The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
US Forest Service Southern Research Station

Appalachian Craft Center   
Handmade in America   
Southern Highland Craft Guild

Forest Foods
Blue Ridge Naturally
Noble Cider

Incentive Programs
Center For Conservation Incentives
Financial Incentive Programs for Non-Industrial Private Forest Owners

The National PLANTS Database
Understanding Forestry Terms: A Glossary for Private Landowners

Other Organizations 
Asheville Hardware
Bark House Supply Company
Big Sandy Mush
Furniture Specialties, Inc.
Green River Forest Products
Hickory Nut Gap
Recovering Traditional Cherokee Delicacies
Smoky Mountain Native Plants
The Boggs Collective

Blue Ridge Wild Timbers

Burnt Shirt Wood Products
Clear Creek Wood Products

Bee Tree Hardwood
Gennett Lumber 
Kramer Lumber Company

Glarnier Designs
Appalachian Designs

Blue Ridge Post and Beam  
Bronco Construction
Deltec Homes  
Ewing & McConnaughy  
Goforth Builders 
Samsel Architects, P.A. 
The Hands of Sean Perry Co.